Wonderful Weddings

An experienced, independent DJ

Pete has been a professional DJ since 1990 offering an independent DJ’ing service with no agency or commission fees to bump the price up!

Pete uses all the latest equipment including microphones and lights for the dancefloor as standard.  He also has the ability to use dry-ice but this needs to be checked with the venue as dry ice can often set the fire alarms off!!

Pete plays everything from the 1940s to the present day, he looks at the night as a story and tries to involve all your guests, starting with something to get the grandparents & parents up on the dancefloor (before they go off to bed) and working through to present day to get all your friends up.   He “wants everyone to have a great night”, even the kids and will happily entertain them when he’s first set up and the evening guests are arriving.  How many times have you seen the kids throwing themselves around on the dancefloor catching the lights?   Well Pete actively engages with them rather than just letting them burn holes in the knees of their trousers!!

Pete is happy for an entire playlist to be provided by the bride & groom, he will take requests on the night or just “make it up” on the night according to who is at the wedding.   He’ll change the playlist to make sure that your dance floor is full and will even take instructions on what not to play.   Again my tip would be that you are paying Pete to get your guests onto the dancefloor so let him do his job. Experienced DJs can ‘read’ the guests and make sure that everyone has a good time. Some of your guests may not like your eclectic choices and you could potentially spoil a great evening.

Pete doesn’t have a break, he plays music continuously, however if appropriate he reduces the tempo of music just before the buffet is served and increases it again once sufficient time has passed.

In summary, Pete has bundles of experience, he is reliable, he works closely with the bride & groom to give them the evening of music that they want and works hard to get your dance floor full and keep it full to ensure your guests have a great evening.